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Are you concerned about your memory?  Is it not quite what it was - or what you want it to be?  Then this is the site for you!!!

Each month 15 new activities specifically designed to boost and enhance memory will be added to this site.  Activities are adaptable for individuals or group use and have been "field tested" by those who are dealing with some memory issues. Topics include a huge variety of subjects including travel, history, food, famous people, sports, literature and music.  Seasonal activities are also included.  The activities take a variety of forms including thought provoking writing prompts, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, list, alphabetical themes and those using ones' imagination.  In addition, each month a two page handout entitled "Sharpen Your Senses" is included which gives suggestions on using each of the senses as well as the importance of doing so to enhance memory.  For samples, email me at 

Many individuals and groups have already found these activities to be very useful.  Annette from Texas recently wrote - "Just wanted to let you know how much your Brain Booster activities have enriched our “Brain Booster” groups at AGE of Central Texas!  So far, we have used the activities in a nursing home, in our adult day center, and at low-income apartments for seniors.  It is such an asset in our day to know that there are activities all ready to go for us!"

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